Wood Stoves

Are you looking for a wood stove or wood insert?

Did you know that Kirley Masonry has a selection of wood stoves, wood inserts, BioBrick, wood stove pipe, flue pipe and wood stove accessories available?

Kirley features Heatilator EcoChoice and Osburn brands of wood stoves and wood inserts in our showroom. Kirley sells Harman Stove parts, wood stove pipe and wood stove accessories. Kirley also sells other popular wood stove brands including Astria, Breckwell, Efel, and Iron Strike.

Heatilator Eco-Choice Wood Stoves

Heatilator Eco-Choice wood stoves feature a technology that’s easy to operate and maintain. The Heatilator Eco-Choice wood insert has a classic styling in a compact unit. With a simple design plus quality you can see and feel, Heatilator Eco-Choice wood stoves and wood inserts will deliver heat from a roaring fire at an affordable price to fit any budget.

Osburn Wood Stoves

Osburn wood stoves and wood inserts provide a lot of heat to keep you toasty warm. Osburn wood stoves and Osburn wood inserts are efficient and powerful. Choose from small units to sleek European designs. Osburn stoves offer wood stove options at reasonable prices.

Wood Stove Pipe

Ventis wood stove pipe is preferred by Kirley Masonry & Stove for wood stove installations. Ventis pipe comes painted flat black to blend with stoves seamlessly. Wood stove pipe is available for purchase for do-it-yourself projects.

Wood Stove Accessories

Accessorize your wood stove with an ash bucket. Kirley also sells glass cleaner, gaskets, stove parts and vacuums. Custom hearth pads can be ordered to fit any location. Visit our showroom to see your options.

Kirley also stocks parts or will order parts for many wood stove brands, including Harman Stoves wood stove parts, Heatilator Eco-Choice pellet wood stove parts and Osburn wood stove parts.


Kirley Masonry & Stove is your local source for quality BioBrick. BioBrick is a fuel option available for wood, without the hassle or mess of cutting, storing and lugging wood. Plus, pressed wood firelogs offer the potential to lower wood stove and fireplace emissions. BioBricks are the ideal size for wood stoves. With packing density optimized, burn time is extended greatly. Average burn time is 12 hours per stove fill. Uniformity in size, density and moisture ensure predictable burning each time.

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