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Northern Warmth wood pellets at Kirley

Do you need wood pellets?

Comparison of Wood Pellets Available at Kirley Masonry and Stove

Availability**Price**BTUs/lb.*Ash*Moisture*Type of Wood
Northern Warmth Purely Pinenew ordersCall for Price8300.35% to .40%≤5%softwood/pine
Northern Warmth Super Sprucenew ordersCall for Price8600.35% to .39%≤5%softwood/spruce, pine, fir
Northern Warmth Douglas Firnew ordersCall for Price8800.25% to .30%softwood/douglas fir
Northern Warmth Supreme Doug Firnew ordersCall for Price8900.1% to .15%≤3%softwood/douglas fir

*Measurements may vary with each load.

Northern Warmth Doug Fir Wood Pellets at KirleyStove.com

Northern Warmth Douglas Fir

Northern Warmth Doug Fir wood pellets burn hot and long.

.25 to .30% Ash Content | 8800 BTU/lb Heating Value | douglas fir

(Amounts may vary with each load.)

Northern Warmth Supreme Doug Fir Wood Pellets at KirleyStove.com

Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir pellets in the purple bag that you knew and loved are back. This is the real deal!

≤ 3% Moisture Content | .1 to .15% Ash Content | > 8900 BTU/lb Heating Value| douglas fir

(Amounts may vary with each load.)

Northern Warmth Super Spruce Wood Pellets at KirleyStove.com

Northern Warmth Super Spruce

Northern Warmth Super Spruce wood pellets come from the West Coast of Canada.

≤ 5% Moisture Content | .35% to .39% Ash Content | 8600 BTU/lb Heating Value | spruce

(Amounts may vary with each load.)

Northern Warmth Purely Pine Wood Pellets at KirleyStove.com

Northern Warmth Purely Pine

Northern Warmth Purely Pine softwood pellets burn hot and clean.

≤ 5% Moisture Content | .35% to .40% Ash Content | 8300 BTU/lb Heating Value| pine

(Amounts may vary with each load.)

Top Reasons to Use Wood Pellets to Heat Your Home

Discover why wood pellets are the choice of home heating fuel for thousands of homeowners. more

Wood Pellets are Available for Pick Up or Delivery from Kirley Masonry and Stove

Pellets are sold by the bag or by the pallet. Options for pick up are subject to availability and will vary daily. You can pick up your pellets or have us deliver them to your home. In most instances, our delivery driver uses the Moffett to conveniently place your pallets. Delivery fees apply.

For More Information Visit Our Showroom or Call Us at 508-339-3700.

Get Pellet Updates

Visit us or Call 508-339-3700 to Order Your Pellets Today

We strongly recommend that you order as early as possible (spring/summer is the ideal time!) so you won’t be left waiting as demand peaks seasonally.

We fill orders in the order they were received and according to location, with delivery routes coordinated in a general area/direction per trip for efficiency.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time. Any time frame given is simply an estimate and not a guarantee. The driver can drop pellets in a pre-specified or marked location, eliminating the need for the customer to be present upon delivery. We recommend clearly marking the desired location for the pellets – with a “pellets here” sign, cone, empty pallet, etc. – to show the driver exactly where to put the pellets.

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