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Pellet Stoves

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Are you looking for a pellet stove or pellet insert?

Did you know that Kirley Masonry and Stove has a selection of wood pellet stoves, wood pellet inserts, wood pellets, pellet stove pipe and accessories available?

Kirley features Harman Stove and Heatilator EcoChoice brand of pellet stoves and pellet inserts in our showroom. Kirley sells Harman Stove parts, pellet stove pipe and pellet stove accessories. Kirley also sells other popular wood pellet stove brands including BreckwellIron Strike and Osburn.

Kirley sells and delivers a selection of Northern Warmth Wood Pellets, Maine Woods Pellets and New England Wood Pellets.

Harman Stoves Pellet Stoves

Harman Stove provides premium quality and craftsmanship in pellet stoves and pellet inserts that provide efficiency while you enjoy warmth where you need it. Harman pellet stoves and pellet inserts are easy to maintain and give even heat with long burn times. With steel, cast iron and ceramic pellet stove and insert options to choose from, you will enjoy unique designs that will fit well with any décor. Harman’s pellet stoves and pellet inserts provide an environmentally sustainable heating choice. Select from several styles with unique features. The EASY Touch Control digital touchscreen operation allows for accurate temperature control and fuel savings. The Exhaust Sensing Probe technology system constantly monitors and adjusts heat output to maintain desired room temperatures within one degree. The PelletPro™ System allows any grade of pellet fuel to burn with maximum heat and efficiency. The unique bottom-up feeding system burns each pellet completely and allows for 24-hour heating. Create a warm and comfortable home with a pellet stove or pellet insert from Harman.

Heatilator Eco-Choice Pellet Stoves

Heatilator Eco-Choice Pellet Stoves feature a technology that’s easy to operate and maintain. With a simple design plus quality you can see and feel, these pellet stoves will deliver warmth and comfort to your home at an affordable price to fit any budget.

Pellet Stove Pipe

Ventis pellet stove pipe is preferred by Kirley Masonry & Stove for pellet stove installations. Pellet stove pipe comes in 3 and 4 inch piping, with a stainless steel interior and galvanized exterior painted flat black to blend with stoves seamlessly. Pellet stove pipe is also available for purchase for do-it-yourself installations.

Pellet Stove Accessories

Accessorize your pellet stove with a decorative pellet bucket. Kirley also sells glass cleaner, gaskets, stove parts and vacuums. Custom hearth pads can be ordered to fit any location. Visit Kirley’s showroom to see your options.

Kirley also stocks parts or will order parts for many pellet stove brands, including Harman Stoves pellet stove parts, Heatilator Eco-Choice pellet stove parts and Osburn pellet stove parts.

Wood Pellet

Kirley Masonry & Stove is your local source for quality wood pellets. Wood pellets are an economical and convenient way to heat your home, save money and help the environment. We carry multiple brands of that vary in quality, heat output and ash content at varying price points. Select from Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir, Northern Warmth Douglas Fir, Northern Warmth Super Spruce, Northern Warmth Purely Pine, Northern Warmth Hardwood, New England Wood Pellet and Maine Woods pellets. Let us help you choose the wood pellet that is best for you.

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Now’s The Time to schedule your stove cleaning

Did you know that ash left in your stove in the off-season will corrode the inside of your stove? A thorough cleaning is essential once each heating season. Cleaning boosts heat output and keeps the stove running at maximum efficiency.

Price structure for cleanings will be changing in an effort to promote cleanings in the off season, with service being a priority during the burn season. Anticipate price increases for cleanings during the heating season. We strongly recommend scheduling your cleaning now for best pricing… Now’s The Time.

Chimney Caps

Does your chimney need a chimney cap? Keep birds, squirrels and other critters out of your chimney. Protect the inside of your home and chimney from moisture from rain and snow. Ask us if you think you may need a chimney cap installed. We sell and install chimney caps.

Now's The Time For Pellet Stove Cleanings