If You Build A Fire Pit, They Will Come

Gone are the days when our children loved to gather around the fire and make s’mores together as a family. This was a time when we could sit back and relax, sing campfire songs, tell stories and just enjoy being together as a family. It didn’t take long until our children became teenagers, leaving us behind feeling like empty-nesters. Our teenagers are now taking off and “going out” with their friends.

If You Build A Unilock Fire Pit, They Will Come

We have discovered that the good ol’ campfire gives them reason to stick around and bring the crowd of friends to our own back yard. Their love for the campfire has not changed.

The Unilock fire pit was our amazing solution to the empty nest. Together with my son, we put together a fire pit in our back yard.

The Unilock fire pit could not have been easier to install. It came as a ready to install kit on a pallet along with a metal interior ring. We chose a flat area on our existing masonry patio to begin. One-by-one, we placed the blocks into a circle to form the base, followed by the remaining three layers of block. Next we placed the black steel ring inside the circular fire pit and poured a few inches of sand inside. In no time we were ready to fire it up!

Our weekends are filled with the laughter and fun of teenagers gathered around the Fire Pit, relaxing on the seats similar to those available at The Charming Bench Company. We are thrilled that we were able to draw them back with a fire pit and that they want to hang out in our own back yard with all of their friends. If you build a fire pit, they will come! You could also consider getting a gas fire pit to really bring more life to your outdoor space – it can help create a great area to congregate on long summer nights.

Unilock Fire Pit Kits

Unilock Fire Pit Kits are available as the Rivercrest® Fire Pit, Roman Stack® Fire Pit and Sunset Fire Pit. Choose the style and color that works best for your design.

Unilock Rivercrest fire pit kit at kirleymasonry.com
Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit
Unilock Sunset fire pit kit at kirleymasonry.com
Sunset Fire Pit Kit
Unilock Roman Stack fire pit kit at kirleymasonry.com
Roman Stack Fire Pit Kit

Unilock Fire Pit Options and Accessories

  • Basic Ring (bottomless)
  • Basic Ring with Flange (bottomless)
  • Basic Insert (with bottom)
  • Smoke Less Insert (black or stainless steel) (round Sunset Fire Pit)
  • Lid
  • Grill, Post and Winch (Roman Stack® Fire Pit, round Sunset Fire Pit)
  • Fire Pit Grill (Rivercrest® Fire Pit)
*options vary per Fire Pit
Unilock fire pit ring and insert options at kirleymasonry.com
Ring, Insert and Lid Options
Unilock fire pit
Reduced Smoke Insert Utilizing Zentro Technology
Unilock fire pit accessories at kirleymasonry.com

Where to Buy Unilock Fire Pits Kits

Fire Pit Kits are gaining in popularity with teenagers and families alike. Visit Kirley’s masonry specialists at 51 West Church Street in Mansfield MA to learn about your fire pit kit options and get a quote for your project today. Kirley works with landscapers, contractors, masons and DIY homeowners in Foxboro MA, Mansfield MA, North Attleboro MA and surrounding towns in southern Massachusetts.