Spring Cleaning For Your Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg does not require a lot of maintenance, but a few checks and inspections will ensure it performs as designed for another year. Here are a few areas to focus on for spring cleaning for your Big Green Egg.

First, check the hardware on the bands and wheels on the nest for tightness using a wrench or socket. Be careful not to overtighten hardware attaching the handle and hinge to the band, you are simply ensuring they are not loose. If the egg is moved often, be sure to check the castor wheels.

Next, clean and remove all of the ash debris left behind from prior use. Carefully remove and set aside the internal fire ring and firebox. Brush off the inside of the base then vacuum or sweep out all debris. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner suitable for the messy job. You may want to head over to the good old trusted all great vacuums website! Once done, brush off and inspect the internal components before placing them back inside the base. Locate the opening or mouth of the firebox with the draft door, placing the fire grate with the bevel facing down.

Finally, inspect the gaskets on the dome and base. Burned or worn gaskets should be replaced for proper air-flow, start-up, and temperature control. To replace the gasket, peel off the old gasket and clean the egg carefully with a flat scraper, sandpaper, and alcohol to clean any residue. The replacement gasket comes with a sticky side. Apply firm pressure to the gasket, being careful to not allow too much to overhang on the outside e. For best results, keep the egg closed for 24 hours and avoid high temperatures during the next cook.

These quick checks are all that’s needed to ensure that the Big Green Egg will be at its best and will prevent any unforeseen issues as you enjoy cooking on your Big Green Egg.

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